Find here the resources about how to integrate ReMasterMedia and sound remastering in general into your web, mobile or other applications. There are various integration options that are suitable for different app types and environments. Learn more about them and continue further to see details by selecting an option below.


ReMasterMedia's API is a RESTful API. It uses URLs to provide the resources, HTTP verbs as actions and accepts JSON payloads in requests and always returns JSON responses (including errors and error messages). JSON Web Tokens are used to authorize the requests to the API.

Current API version is: v2


The documentation available for the API is API refence and Implementation guide. Have a look into them to find out how to integrate into your application and learn the recommendations and best practices for the integration.

Sandbox environment

Sandbox environment provides zero setup effort environment to be used to develop and test ReMasterMedia's API integration into your app. It is a specially tailored scaled down version of production API. The differences between sandbox and production are described below:


Sandbox API is located on a different endpoint than production API that is listed in the documentation. Sandbox API endpoint is:

Categories and profiles

Sandbox contains just sample profile categories and profiles that are more suitable to the development than those from production. There are two fully working profiles that remaster the sound in the way that is immediatelly audible:


Profiles available:

  1. Lowering the level to minus 20dB (listed in two categories):
  2. Removes low frequencies (listed in two categories):
  3. Failing


The last profile named "Failing" will always fail when remastering, so you can prepare your app for failures.

Noise reduction

Profiles available:

  1. Natural high


Sandbox environment uses just a low amount of workers that perform actual remastering. Just use short media clips for the development (a couple of seconds only) and be prepared for longer times while waiting for remastering to complete when testing on the real media files.


Use any of the following clientID/clientKey pairs to access and authenticate to sandbox API:

Client id Client key
fe2ab5035414d298de15 Oaq7sNKupULbFpZ1bvXwNkF4SNBMLkKI3Ex55WOb
6200a9fe02bae36ea6d0 Vx2zSrsg0iNUeQDADy5pS2pNANsKAsxLTWOG70P0
47468a07ebf99ad5b2f2 eos1Z/FoCYVJNElSlafgMjDVmfQQPRfV4dgSsccy
d082ba4b892b44563909 6xSVGECd8CflK6RQSWesWCOF3G/VHp4RLl5xcizO
d846804b436f45ce7c6b D7uMJR92SfVO/J3kGdHNBLXieJxU5Zp799DgSxK1
29c09e1dbb6b7785fb90 egIlMP3ESUAoxGppIA/xH9Rs1dhVHC9quxIxPc88
60122e2b5b0430511521 Vp+oG4C/BC20x9OrEuQhz/SdNul0oyOVuX8OspHf
7f96442eda5a5f969909 wKa1UUNblpM67IcXaHoTXVV0OSXRvo4cxCqEt6Wa


These credentials are shared, so be prepared for a situation that someone else uses them at the same time as you. If necessary for some reason, contact us and we will create a dedicated pair of credentials just for you.

Going to production

The only technical step necessary to go from development to production is to change the endpoint to production API - see the API refence for the details. Before changing to the production stage there are a few administrative steps. Agree on settings and pricing within a term contract. Contact us during your implementation or testing phase to arrange these.


The ReMasterMedia SDK allows you to build sound remastering directly into the application so all actual processing takes place directly on the device / at the system that runs the application. There is no need to send data to be processed to the cloud.


Coming soon ...

Contact us to get early access to the SDK.

Live streams

Live stream remastering processes audio/video live streams in real-time. You send the stream to a dedicated destination, the sound is processed using defined profile(s) then the stream is sent to a destination that will be used to distribute the stream to the users (services such as Twitch, Youtube etc.).


Coming soon ...

Contact us to get early access to the SDK.

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